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Rabbits, 10 May

Rabbits are diving deep into collaborative storytelling. The idea to consider the strengths and weaknesses of our animals and see where they could help each other, was suggested by Bean and Theo. This approach coalesced ideas to begin formulating a plot. We are working on a large canvass illustration for our story, which was enthusiastically contributed to by all. The children cleverly came up with the concept of a zoo to accommodate the variety of animals chosen and to make it possible for all characters to interact. This exercise is building the concept of what makes a story; plot, characters and setting. It builds collaboration skills as they formulate ideas together, are inspired by each other and feel they are in a positive space to express their ideas and contribute.

We learnt about the food chain through a book and an animal game, which was great fun and an experiential way to learn about predators and prey, omnivores, carnivores, herbivores, scavengers and detritivores and the advantages/disadvantages in these interactions. Similarly, we reinforced our understanding of these concepts through a game where animal cards were exchanged based on whether they were a carnivore or herbivore.

Rabbits are engaging in battle play. This week we had blacksmiths, working with salvaged metal to forge (or more so shape) weapons and tools. This play gave us an opportunity to recall rules of combat and establish safe boundaries for battle play.

This class is cohesive and dynamic, with space for individual expression and group play. They are respectful of each other while also providing the challenges and example that helps their peers grow. It is a delight watching this group develop through their interactions ...

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