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Owls, Sept 26

The building is still in full swing for the owls, although the target area is on the back burner the tree house and park are still having things added to it with lots of hard work. And fairy town is a new development in the works. In the morning we continued to practice our tool skills by making wooden mallets, since it uses the saw, hatchet, hammer and carving skills. By the end of the day almost everyone had made their own version! We played our final version of capture the flag (3.0) which highlighted some great teamwork, tenacity and shenanigans with a close race for the winning spot! All day a few owls had been working on making a hammock out of natural materials by harvesting the vines from the hops bushes. Slowly it started to get momentum and by the end of the day we had many owls helping to weave together our hammock. Next week we will have work on keeping it suspended! We have limited photo evidence of all the fun that took place so ask your owl to act out a couple of their favorite times!

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