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Owls, Oct 6

We began our day with a skit about conflict communication skills and how to communicate poorly, by slinging blame back and forth, and well, by reflecting back the other person's perspective so they feel heard before stating your side. After Ms. Lea and Celine performed their "Poop Chat" example the children wanted to practice with some examples of their own, which led to a discussion of some of the things that have happened in past classes.

Later in the day when two people had a disagreement during a game we had a chance to practice the new skill again, and it's a tool we'll continue to turn to. You can ask your child what the "Poop Chat" skit was all about or what a PGC is, and you may also get their opinion on the teacher's acting skills :)

One of the gifts of forest school is the opprtunity not to be rushed. With the Owls class there is plenty of time to run around and play games, relax and enjoy being outside with friends, and work on extended projects.

Alongside games like ten pass and covid tag we levelled up pur shelter building skills with new knots, finished or neared the end of our first carving projects (ask your child about theirs), worked on our skateboard prototype, learned and taught cat's cradle, and goofed around as "saboteurs".

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