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Owls, Oct 15

Themes Explored: communication, individual perspective, land stories, comfort zones, fibre arts, game etiquette

Skills Embraced: understanding the perspective of another and communicating so they will understand, listening to each others' stories, noticing when we're experiencing comfort or growth, sewing and beading, being okay to lose a game, exploring other natural areas

Connection Questions: Today, were you mostly in the comfort zone or growth zone? When? How did the Capture the Flag game go for you?

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Jessie Veronelly graduated from the U of A with a BA in Environmental Studies with a major in the Outdoor Stream.  She has worked as a Backroads leader, river guide and climbing instructor, and has education and experience in group management as well as leading children's camps.  Beyond all of this, Jessie is a kind and warm person who really connects with the kids on their level and lets them learn at their own pace, letting each child be their own, unique person.