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Owls, March 16

Even though the Owls could have taken a day off from rugby, with their Super Tuesday event over, they chose to play on! To get to our pitch, we climbed up the old, familiar rope climb, but with a twist...mud! Some of us loved it, and some of us did not - ask your Owl which camp they were in!

We are working at improving our communication with each other, knowing how important it is to respect everyone in our group while still honour our differences. We used the words 'generosity' and 'guidance', or 'wisdom' today in thinking about the work we have to do in our family, the Owls class. We are up for the challenges, and will continue to think about how our actions affect others.

Ask your Owl...

  • about their favourite moment in the rugby game

  • how they completed the tarp challenge today

  • what their strategy was in Ghost in the Graveyard

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