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Owls, January 28

We discovered today that a low, tight tent kept the heat in better than a high, sloped tent. Both kept the wet weather out, but one certainly heated up with our bodies! The Owls were so impressed they decided to make a bigger one, which with the afternoon sun, turned into quite the hot tent!

In the afternoon, the Owls played a Deer Stalking game; they are experts in adapting a game to make it more interesting or harder. The goal is to be unseen, and get as close to the deer as possible. In order to prepare for this game, we temporarily joined the army and did drills to train our bodies for this strenuous hunting game. Some questions for your Owl:

-what was your animal, and did the adaptation help you?

-what made the game easier, what made it harder?

-how would you change the game?

-what was your favourite drill, and why?

Next week, your Owl should pack their backpack as if they are going on a day hike. For our survival challenge, they will be able to use what is in their bag. They don't know what disasters will befall them, so they should be prepared for everything!

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