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Owls, Jan 9

The secret to staying warm? Don't stop moving! We participated in a challenge walk this morning, trying to unite two halves of the wolf pack using map skills and physical literacy. Check your email for next week's adventure!

At lunch, Sara is teaching us how to felt a gnome! What a wonderful experience - thank you!

In order to incorporate the many stick piles at the bike track, the wolf den is building a den. During this exercise, there was a lot of discussion of whether we should have one or two dens; it was decided that a vote would settle the matter, not consensus. It seems some may still be hoping for some changes to the den; this group social exercise is so valuable I look forward to more discussion.

During our Sit Spots we are experimenting with sound; we began making a drum with sonotube today. We made the cuts, and will be adding the 'skin' next week. If you have any containers you think we can use (PVC pipe, round cardboard) we'll take it! We are also collecting Christmas trees - give it to us to fill in our den!

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