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Owls, Feb 22

We were lucky to be able to stay outside all day today! We began this spring day with challenges that inspired the group to work together, and persevere! We talked about leadership, and how we knew what we needed to do in the activity. Some just did what was needed, some waited to be told, and some told others what to do. It's good to know what your role is, and try a different one from time to time.

We also had time to work on our felting; the Gallery opening day is Saturday March 9, at 1145 Kensington Cres NW, and all are welcome to drop in anytime! We discussed what an artist is, and our ability or inability to be satisfied with our work. We are loving the felting and want to continue with pieces we can take home!

Sensory Sit Spots continue...this time, with tea bags!

Ask your Owl:

  • what did you experience in your Sit Spot? How hard is it for you to be alone during Sit Spot?

  • how satisfied were you with your felting?

  • did you use ropes during the free time? How?

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