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Owls, Dec 16

The goal of today was to stay warm and keep moving. We did that!

The Owls were challenged to help Father Christmas deliver a present to poor little Bobby, who had been forgotten about. They had to cross a glacier using only a few items they were given and then get back. This was a communication and physical challenge and the Owls were successful. Ask your child how they got across the glacier.

Sled building and sledding kept us busy, along with a no-rules game of soccer mixed with volleyball and rugby. The sports reporter for the game was Lucy. You can see her photos below.

Tucky showed everyone how to make duck tape wallets and encouraged everyone by acknowledging that it takes practice to get the duck tape really smooth. Thanks for sharing your duck tape supply with us Tucky!

Connecting Questions:

What did you use for your sled?

Did you like playing soccer with no rules?

What games did we play in the afternoon to stay warm?

Wishing you all a fabulous winter break! Lea and I are looking forward to seeing the Owls back on January 6th.

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