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Owls, April 9

Today in Owls we played lots of running games to burn some energy (which there was lots off!). Then the morning class started building mini robots out of loose parts while the afternoon Owls practiced their knot tying skills and made many more monkey fists. We hope to do more of both next week! Then we played a game called ghost which was putting together all the sensing activities we have been doing over the past couple weeks. It was a beautiful day to play outside and the Owls certainly made the most of it!

Ideas to continue at home:

Obstacle course/ fun things

1. Find a log and bring a rope and two winter gloves. Have two people stand on each end of the log holding the rope, with the one glove beside each person on the ground. Try to be the first person to bend down and grab the mitt without falling off or being pulled off.

2. Find a sturdy log and lash it between two trees around belly button height. Practice climbing/jumping/ vaulting over it.

3. back to back rolls: have one person on there hands and knees with a flat back and have the other person start from standing and roll over top of them so there backs are the only things that touch.


Materials needed:

Wood blocks, screws, nails, washers, tacks, wire, beads, yarn, paper clips.

Hammers, screw driver, glue, saw.

Ghost Game

Have a couple family members blindfolded standing in a room and one person as the "ghost". The ghost tries to quietly walk and stand behind someone. If the ghost can stand behind someone undetected for 10 seconds then they win, tap the person on the shoulder and switch positions. If the person thinks there is a ghost behind them they ask "is there a ghost standing behind me" and turn to look if they are wrong they sit out that round and if they are right they win and switch with the ghost.

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