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Nuthatches, Apr 11

The Nuthatches have been keen on exploring new spots on the Bluff, today we went back to the "bird watching" spot and made some new bird feeders since our last ones had all been eaten! We saw a few bird friends come by and practiced our bird sounds. The Nuthatches can recognize most of the sounds so we added a few more. Ask your nuthatch which sounds they know and which ones we added.

We have also started labeling a map of our spots so we can practice our map and compass but also remember all the fun places and what made them special! By using the compass we were able to find and rescue some lost stuffies which we will be doing more of next class. The Nuthatches then found a new spot with a massive fort and spent time adding sticks and fixing it up.

We don't have class on the 18th but we will see you the following week for hopefully some more spring weather!

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