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Lea's Summer!

We get asked a lot what adventures we've been up to this summer, so we thought we'd share some of them with you here! Here are some of my favourite memories from the summer....

  1. I loved being in the water; from paddle boarding the Bow, to rafting, to swimming at Barrier Lake, to White Water Rafting a bit of the Ottawa River, in my opinion, water is the way to do summer! (A 24-foot cliff jump was the highlight of that one!)

  2. My children and I went to our (my?) favourite backcountry random site (I can't tell you where it is, but I can encourage you to find your own perfect spot!).

  3. I tried some solo camping for the second time this summer. I backpacked the Big Elbow loop (a very gentle, kind hike with fine campgrounds along the way). That took four days. The thing about solo camping/hiking is that even though you're alone, you have to yell all the time, breaking the solitude, to let the bears know you're coming! Ironic!

  4. I also was able to do a one-night solo canoe trip on the Bow River, from Ghost Dam to my house in Sunnyside. A friend lent me a one person canoe, which was like driving a Ferrari down the river - very responsive! There was a lot of wild life on the Bow; snakes, diving osprey for fish, fawns, loons and an eagle.

  5. I was excited to spend some time at my family's cottage in Ontario (waterskiing, board games and reading with tea), and set my oldest child up in her apartment in Ottawa. Life is ever changing, and going with the flow is a must!

I am looking forward to hearing about all the adventures your children had this summer! See you soon!

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