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Grey Squirrels, Sept 28

On our way to our spot some of the Squirrels spied a fallen tree they wanted to explore and climb on so we followed their lead and headed over. There were trees for everyone to climb, either up to a high point and back down or testing their balance walking on logs closer to the ground. There were many requests to come back next week and we will.

We played a new game which is a cross between hide and seek, baseball and camouflage. The Squirrels used their speed, stealth and judgement to run around the bases without being seen by Miss Megan in the middle.

Last week we read a story about an old lady who swallowed some leaves (perhaps she'll sneeze!) and a shirt, pants, a pole. Then she sneezed a scarecrow so with all the fall leaves that's what we made today. Everyone helped collect leaves and stuff clothing. Zachary found a clothes hanger which held up the scarecrow's shirt, Olive and Walter tied knots to hold it together and Abigail gave the scarecrow a face. There were conversations about all parts of making it and standing it up. You can see from the photos we created a masterpiece!

Connecting Questions:

- What did you like about the new spot we found?

- Could you hide from Miss Megan during the game? How many times did you go round the bases?

- How did you help make the scarecrow?

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