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Grey Squirrels, Oct 26

The Grey Squirrels got to explore a place that they haven't visited since last year, a little further than the top of the hill named The Teardrop. Along the way we naturally stopped at our spot from last week and we saw and heard new friendships growing within the group. Being in different places gives the children opportunities to play in different ways and grow themselves and their relationships with the other Squirrels. We are coming together as a group during our explorations. The Squirrels are able to wait while others catch up by playing with what is around them and observing their surroundings. With their imagination and curiosity they always find something to do.

The Teardrop has a mown grassy hill which led to some time being spent running up and down and also rolling balls down and catching them - great energetic play! In all the excitement of playing on the hill it can be easy to be distracted and go out of sight over the top of the hill. The Squirrels were asked once to stay within eyesight of the teachers and then they suggested a way they could recognise where the boundary line was by adding a marker that they couldn't go past. They stuck with their idea and were always within sight.

With Halloween this weekend we collected and brought some materials to create spiders. There was much creativity making spiders, bracelets and wands.

Connecting questions:

Why do we call the place, the teardrop? What do you remember of the rope climb to get there last year?

Did you make anything in the tool/crafting circle?

What were you playing on the hill?

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