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Grey Squirrels, Nov 9

A theme arose in our play for this session - ropes and knots. We played a sandwich game on the way to our spot to practice staying in between the teachers when we move along the path. This is to prepare for a field trip we are planning next week to Prince's Island Park. The children showed us they are ready to explore a different area to the bluff and we can have fun on our journeys there and back.

The creativity the Squirrels have when shelter building and trap making with ropes led us to learning knots. We started with an overhand knot and some went on to master a square knot. Tying knots takes patience, builds pattern recognition and fine motor skills. We started knot tying with a story of two silly witches who tied nine knots in magic string. Untying the knots made it rain in increasing intensity in the story. As we tied and untied knots questions arose about whether it would rain and when it didn't rain there were questions and theories of why. Was our string not magic? Do we need to tie all nine knots in one go? There was a lot of critical thinking happening.

During sit spot the Squirrels were asked to listen carefully to the sounds around them. Could they hear an airplane? Rustling leaves? The wind? We were so impressed with their ability to tune in to the environment around them and spend time on their own silently. Along with noticing the sounds the children enthusiastically told us about other nature details they had seen.

Look out for an email about our upcoming trip to Prince's Island Park.

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