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Forest School Special, Jan 27

I can tell you what your child's favourite activity is - fire! We built a style of shelter (lean-to) that allows us to use a reflective blanket to keep us warmer, then built a fire that would boil water for us (in the Kelly Kettle). Maxin enjoyed the hatchet, and Chloe and Kaia worked with the MoraKnife to break down larger pieces of wood. Simon was instrumental in hanging the last of the reflective blanket, and Calvin collected the grass we used to get the fire started. Cora is insatiable when it comes to match lighting, and volunteered to be our first fire in the game. We enjoyed our tea, a game of Fire in the Woods, and the camaraderie of good company! Next week we end our time together with Shelter Challenges and a cookout on the fire!

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