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Coyotes, September 6

It was soooooo wonderful to see old friends again this week! It felt like we had never left. Even though no one was new to Forest School, this group was unique as we were a mix of former Owls and Coyotes. Our goal this day was to fondly remember old times from classes past, and relive some of those memories, but also to look towards the future and imagine what this class could become, and dream big when it comes to our adventures! We had suggestions from skydiving, to herb identification, to kayaking. We hope to make as many of these dreams as possible a reality!

We are also beginning a talk on leadership; leadership will be an overarching theme this year, with this confident and capable group of Coyotes. As we begin our conversation on leadership, we started with questions such as; what makes a good leader? what leadership style have you enjoyed, and what did they do rigth? what leader didn't you respond to, and why? They are jotting these ideas in their jounals (which they should bring every week!) if you'd like to continue that converstaion at home!

One example of how capable this class is is the game Where's My Dinner?. There is one Coyote who is a very tough 'watcher', and won't let anyone get away with any movement (they are pronounced' out' and must start again). We told her we would give her 2 min. to be our leader, as we find her too tough, but when I looked at my watch at the point we had given up, it was 25 min. later. The group kept coming up with strategies and did not want to give up without winning. This is a group that loves problem solving and completing a task! A group like that can accomplish much!

The next weeks will feature blogs written by the Coyotes themselves.

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