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Coyotes, Sept 29

Along with the chemistry experiments (and experimenting with scientific method), fort building basics, and mushroom growing (see the sheet your child brought home for instructions prepared by Katie - thank you Katie for the work you put into that!), we are putting the Coyotes into situations where they need to work together to making decisions. Our opening game is a game they've played before, but we gave them free reign to change it however they wanted - everything was on the table. We noticed who jumped in right away, who added details later, and who let the group decide for them. We also noticed that not much was changed! They stayed securely in the box! We will be coordinating further group challenge games to create a community in the class that works together to solve problems, and doesn't mind speaking what's on their mind. Stay tuned!

Ask your child: Which team were you on for Capture the Flag? What did your team's result feel like? What would your perfect tree fort look like? Can you say any words in Blackfoot?

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