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Coyotes, Sept 15

In outdoor adventures, it's the adversity that brings us together and creates that sense of adventure and community. Today's rain brought us together, and the children showed great resilience! First off, a few tips on dressing for cold and wet days!

Top: t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweater, fall jacket, rain jacket

Bottom: long johns/pj pants/stockings/thermals (whatever you call them!), pants (not jeans), rain pants or snow pants

Feet: warmest socks with extras in the backpack (ski socks) and waterproof boots or hiking shoes

Accessories: toque and mittens, extra pairs of each

That will help! Although many were cold, none complained, and the group put up shelters for us to go under for a break, and still accomplished many great things!

We are discussing how plants communicate; we learned how roots pass messages, using mushrooms, but we're not really sure how. We can keep digging into this!

Some went on a mushroom hunt, and found many interesting specimens (and also kept warm) and others carved mushrooms and squash and wood to create micro villages, or fairy houses, which were extraordinary. Check out the amazing pictures!

Thanks for braving the rain and making this day memorable!

Connection questions:

-what did you add to the fairy village?

-where is the best place to find mushrooms?

-what do you think the village needs next?

-who would be the ideal residents? -if you could learn how to use a tool at Forest School, what would it be?

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