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Coyotes, Oct 13

Another day, another challenge! This time to cross the fast flowing river with only a few wood planks, a rope and stepping stones to help. We saw the Coyote youth coming together as a group, talking strategies, trying ideas, failing and succeeding, helping and encouraging each other. The teachers decided after this week that the Coyotes need a more difficult challenge to stretch them!

There was much interest in the flint and steels. Some of the Coyotes have experience with them and others having not used this tool before were challenged yet persistent to create their first spark. Perhaps what was most difficult was figuring out what action and positioning was used to get the second spark and then a spark with every strike. There were many opinions and discussions on the best way to do this. For now using the flint and steel lets us get a start on fire lighting skills without producing flames. We will take this further after the first snow has fallen.

Some of the group chose to improve their fort they have been working on for a while. They found sticks from a den that is no longer used and repurposed them in their own. This group also engaged in physical or locomotor play setting rules and boundaries in their wrestling game which progressed into parkour, using what was available in the forest to create obstacles.

Connecting Questions:

How were you able to get across the river? What worked, what didn't?

What actions did you try to create a spark with the flint and steel?

How did that feel to get your first spark?

How can you develop the parkour course further?

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