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Coyotes, Nov 3

Since this a group that has never been together, we are noticing the group dynamics of 'forming, storming, norming, performing' (see ). The group was able to see our Capture the Flag game last week as a 'storming' moment, which perhaps led us to a wonderful 'performing' challenge (the Nitro Crossing - ask your child how the pumpkin got across!) and some 'norming' time (carving, rope swinging, Meeple making). At this age, we can do a lot of reflecting on now just ourselves, but ourselves as an organism. We are excited to start to build some vocabulary around this!

Connection Questions:

How did the team brainstorm to help the group get across the minefield with the rope?

What is a tri-stick?

Who is your Meeple, and why?

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