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Coyotes, Nov 24

A hand drawn map showing the Cottontail Rabbits secret base set the intention for this class - Preston, Daisy and Evan were on a mission to find the base and spy on the Rabbits. They succeeded and came back to the other Coyotes to plan what they would do next to taunt the other class. Several ideas were suggested and they agreed to capture Celine, a teacher, to draw the Rabbits over for a battle.

All of the Coyotes are strongly invested in the game between themselves and the Rabbits. There's much enthusiasm and excitement, in planning conversations all voices are being heard, not just the louder ones. Everyone has a part to play. It is great to witness their energy. The Coyotes also have the maturity to know they are doing this for the younger children and that although they are initiating battles and taking captives this needs to be done in a non-threatening way so the game is enjoyable for both sides.

Connecting Questions:

- What part did you play in capturing Celine?

- What is planned for this coming week?

- Do you think it will turn out as you have planned?

- What do you think the Cottontail Rabbits make of it all?

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