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Coyotes, Nov 10

The Coyote carvers are focused on making their try sticks. Frustrations rise and fall but all are determined to complete the task of the day, which was carving a point on the end of the stick. This led to a more physical activity of spear and arrow target practice. Perhaps the Rabbits (another Upstream Forest School class on the bluff) sensed the Coyotes readiness for battle as they surprise attacked the group! Children in the Rabbits class are in grades 1-3 so it was an opportunity for mixed age play which benefits all children. The Coyotes jumped at the chance to defend themselves and were creative in their play yet careful not to hurt the younger kids. Unfortunately Evan was hurt during the battle but there are many teaching and learning moments that came out of this:

- The Coyotes sat with Evan comforting him and offering first aid, genuinely concerned about him.

- Talk of a revenge attack changed to a group visiting the Rabbits to offer fighting safety tips and volunteer to teach them sword handling skills in the next class.

- The Rabbits wrote an apology letter to the Coyotes and discussed the events together learning from the experience.

We hope you recovered quickly Evan, and are looking forward to seeing you next week!

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