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Coyotes, Jan 31

It’s Ellie writing!

This week we went on a field trip to Confederation Park. We started off the morning with going sledding. The first hill we attempted didn’t really work out. Mika said there was a better one nearby and so we went to check it out and it was incredibly fast! We also had a challenge to measure the hill’s distance and were timed by Ms. Dawn to see how fast we went down it. Later, we were having a snack and chatting and our teachers were cold so they tried to persuade us to come join them in a practice game of rugby. We did a few drills and then walked back to the community centre. We were able to go inside because Ms. Dawn had arranged it before and it was a ginormous room! We were able to do gymnastics and enjoy the nice view out of the massive windows while eating lunch. After lunch we went back outside and skated on the outdoor rink. We practiced the Coyotes on Ice show - coming soon!. We then found the fire area. After gathering kindling we built a fire and thanks to Bridgette and Anika we enjoyed hotdogs and to Katie for making Bannock. It was delicious! There was discussion about what we would do differently on the next field trip and then sadly, just like that, the day ended. Good Bye Confederation Park.

Coyotes on Ice

Measuring the % slope of the sledding hill. We also calculated everyone's speed using the equation, speed (m/s) = distance/time. Next week we will do the same at the bluff and compare.

Can you find out what birds these are?

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