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Coyotes, Feb 21

The Coyotes had a great week at forest school this Wednesday and got to enjoy some really nice weather. We began our day by trying to replicate obstacles that we worked out on at Corfit last week. We were quite successful in coming up with creative ways to replicate some of the obstacles, as well as adding some fun new additions! When we finally finished setting up our “outdoor Corfit” we moved on to some other activities. A huge hit was the 3-way-tug-of-war which lasted for about 30 minutes between the same three Coyotes!

While those three Coyotes were battling it out, the rest of the class got to work on the art project (thanks guys!). After the 3-way-tug-of-war finally ended, we headed down to the cabin to eat lunch and sketch out the image for our art piece. We were also pleasantly surprised with the latest monthly activity in which Ellie led us through baking cookies! After we wrapped up at the cabin we headed down to the “climb”, one of Forest School's most iconic spots. Climbing up the hill posed several challenges due to the missing rope and the tremendous amount of mud (don’t be mad parents, we got super muddy). To end off our day, we headed down to the bike track to play a round of the animal game. We were each a different animal in an ecosystem and had to try to find food and water (which were hidden around the bike track) or hunt each other. Each animal had different powers so we each had to find a tactic that worked best for us. A real challenge which all of us found difficult was finding the water since it was so well hidden. The very last thing we did before we headed home was a reflection of our whole day.

Thanks Safiya!

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Mika Hill
Mika Hill
Feb 26

Yes, nice writing Safiya! All thanks to me reminding you about the stuff we did after the obstacles!


Feb 24

YEAH, thanks Safiya! A lovely blog! I thought it was written by a teacher. 😉

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