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Coyotes, Feb 21

We are excited to continue preparing for some big events in our lives: a Super Tuesday Rugby game, and a camping trip! We began talking today about the "who" of pre-trip planning. What are our skills, and what level are they at? We are very good about being honest with each other, and accommodating each other!

From our Coyote:

Hello! Vita here, writing the blog. Today’s heavy snow made it tough on the roads, and the bluff! Climbing the hill was difficult, especially with the extremely powdery snow, which made it hard to get footing. There were several times in which I slipped, but for the most part, I was impressed by everyone’s balance, (Including myself *snicker*.) on the slippy snow.

The Coyotes have recently been honing their orientation skills, preparing themselves for the ultimate field trip. Camping! So we partnered up and played a game where one person hides an object, finds the coordinates, and then repeats them to their partner, who then must find the object. Last week we played with stuffed toys, but Ms. Lea warned that today’s objects would be tougher. And they were! From toothpicks to sunflower seeds to Made Good’s (What a waste!). All of these objects were hidden in the snow and trees.

After we had finished warming up with our compasses, we were faced by the formidable Ms. Lea, and her loyal partner Ms. Dawn. They threw us another challenge, where we were forced to split up into two teams, make a letter in the snow, using only our compasses (and feet). My team made a simple diamond, nice and easy. The other team created something a little more complex. An F. For Forest School! My team somehow mistook the revered F for a house, where we added cartoon doors and windows, much to the other team’s displeasure. Once we made a proper F, we walked casually down the bluff, and walked to a favorite Coyote sledding hill. Or rather, two.

There was the extreme hill, where you sped down at a wicked speed, snow flying in your eyes. It was on a relatively small hill, but it was steep. It was very exhausting. And then there was the “easy hill”, which was a long hill with a gentle slope, but a giant ski jump at the end. We sped down it on different and unique sleds. We also drew some sledding cards we made a few weeks back. I sadly discovered I seem to be the only one who uses the word “tote” to name a plastic bin. My mom picked me up early at around eleven, so I can’t tell you what happened in the later hours (Wish I’d been there!) Bye!

Connection Questions:

-what are you most excited about for the camping trip? Most worried?

-what are two feelings you are experiencing about the rock climbing trip?

-during our journal/Sit Spot time, you've been told some things about yourself. What did you appreciate hearing?

From Vita:

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