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Coyotes, April 18

Here is a summary of our day, from Ellie! Thank you!

"This week we went on a hike and put our daypacks inside the larger hiking backpacks to carry. The hike was about 4 or 5 kms. After a little while my shoulders were so sore and eventually we stopped by the river. On the way to the river, Safiya’s milk jugs were leaking so we stopped on the bridge and Katie dumped out her backpack for her. There was so much water that came out! Next, we took the opportunity to test the water filter in the river and have a little snack break. We saw some Canada geese there also. After that we walked back and then we played games at the park for a little while. We then

returned to the bluff.

Before lunch we played handshake murderer and made our own mini books,

which was fun. After lunch, it was free time so we played revenge tag before moving to the Rabbits’ spot for the remainder of the day. We then attempted to make a swing but it turned out more like a spinning-standing swing.

Pancake making was next, which I really enjoyed. Of course, then we ate

them!! They were delicious! After washing the pancake dishes, we packed up and headed down the hill to catch our rides home.

Don’t forget fellow Coyotes, if you want a treat next week on our hike, bring your money!"

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