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Cottontails, Oct 6

The morning was brisk so we started with a few games like camouflaged/baseball and revenge tag, then we tested our knowledge on our classmates names.... did you win against your opponent ?

We continued with the zipline challenges for those that were interested, we recapped the importance of angle and height which impact slope, as well as the weight of our cargo. After setting up the ziplines the challenge was to construct your own bucket. This lead to many revisions as our stuffies either fell out, or the buckets interfered with the momentum of the zipline. After many attempts both groups were able to successfully transport their stuffy, completing the challenge!

The other Cottontails worked on making a structure of the class. They first competed a prototype and once they all agreed, they worked together to make a larger one! Lots of teamwork in stick hauling and knot tying. Both groups were able to show their projects to the rest of the class.

Connection questions:

For the ziplines, describe your bucket? was a traditional bucket? What was the biggest issue when desinging your bucket? tipped over? interfered ? not heavy enough?

For the shelter builders, how did you come up with your design? What role did you have in the building? Knot tying? stick hauling?

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