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Cottontails, Nov 17

We played some goofy games to get the morning started, band aid tag and chuck the beaver. It is always fun learning new games with this group and I think we will play them both again. Ask your cottontail to demonstrate which position they got stuck running in during Band aid tag! We have been working on a focus game, trying to become more efficient to beat our time. The cottontails have agreed that calling each others names, throwing underhand both help in accomplishing our goal, stay tuned to see if we can beat 44s next week.

We worked on our mission statement today and the important values to our class, some of them were, team work, supporting each other, being adventurous and building. As we continue as a class we hope our mission statement can be a guide and keep us grounded. Ask your cottontail which values they suggested we use.

In free time we finally were able to have sword fighting lessons with the Coyotes, they taught us some safety rules and techniques and were excellent battling partners. We hope we can continue to learn and play with the coyotes!

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