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Cottontails, June 22

What a warm day to end off our year! Our day brought up a lot of things we've enjoyed and areas where we've learned and grown since September. Here are a few:

  • Nature connection

We learn so much from the being on the bluff and noticing all the other beings who live there, watching the changing seasons, and feeling what it's like to be part of it all.

Our day started off with admiring a friendly dragonfly.
We've had so much fun climbing and swinging in this big poplar tree.
  • Dramatic play

The friendly rivalry between the Coyotes and the Cottontails has allowed many of us to try on different roles, either as ourselves, figuring out how we relate to the other class and fit in or outside of our side's next scheme, or as a specific character such as general, spy, double agent, etc. We've learned so much about problem solving, conflict resolution, self-empowerment, and forging friendships.

A small fort was immediately constructed where several Cottontails could huddle and scheme about what the Coyote's plans today might be. Throughout the day we were visited by several Coyotes in various disguises. By the end of the day, Julian had even borrowed and created a disguise of her own!
  • Group games

We love playing games together (thanks Ms Jessie for passing on your passion!) and in addition to all the physical benefits of running around we've learned about working together and channeled our creativity into inventing rules.

Forming two lines to play Predator/Prey. Until the teacher calls out the animals who knows which side will have to run?!?!
  • Building projects and confidence with tools

We've had a lot of opportunities to build and invent with our minds and hands. From carving and creating swords, bows and arrows, holsters, and backpacks to inventing pulley carts and egg protection devices, we've been busy builders. And our confidence with tools has grown too. Today a freshly fallen tree was the perfect invitation to harvest different layers of the trunk and experiment with techniques for stripping and excavating.

  • Rough and tumble play

Our rivalry with the Coyotes has culminated in several physical battles and ongoing skirmishes between the two sides. While some Coyotes and Cottontails love to sit together and chat, or work on shared projects, others bond by roughhousing, and many engage in both. Roughhousing not only provides exercise, but actually stimulates brain growth, builds emotional intelligence, encourages ethical and moral development, and is a source of joy.

Fynn came by to visit in disguise and several of the feistier Cottontails decided to tie him up. A prolonged playfight ensued that left the participants breathless and laughing. Several of the Cottontails mentioned later on that it was the highlight of their day!

Lastly, we loved having the parents visit. Getting to share our space and the excitement and fun of showing off projects and important parts of our day in person made for some great memories.

All of your teachers, Jessie, Celine, and Megan, are so grateful to have spent time with you, Cottontails - thanks for a wonderful year!

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