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Cottontails, Jan 25

The Cottontails were engrossed in all things fire this class. We pondered what the three essential parts of the fire triangle are. Ask your child if they remember oxygen, fuel and heat. Knowing we needed wood for the fire we enthusiastically split 2x4s. One person held the knife on the wood and the other hit it very hard with a log. It's tough work yet the Cottontails all wanted a turn and were thrilled when the wood split. The wood was sorted in to tinder, kindling and firewood.

After all that hard work we sat looking after the fire and baked bannock on sticks.

Some of the Cottontails were interested in gaining their Fire Badge and showed us the fire skills they have learned such as splitting wood, lighting a match, constructing a fire, putting the fire out safely. The Fire Badge is something everyone can achieve as we keep practicing fire skills. Let us know if you're interested.

Connecting Questions:

Did you prefer to hold the knife or hit when you were splitting wood?

What did you think of the bannock? Could you wait until it was cooked before trying it?

How did you get rid of the fire when we were done?

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