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Cottontails, Feb 16

Happy winter wonderland! Today we took full advantage of the fresh powder and the cottontails broke into small groups to enjoy it. There was a sliding group that worked together to prepare the hill for their sleds, and the development of two pathways so the snowboard could go down easier. The big snow shovels were used to make a base by piling the snow into walls. The trading post added snow showers to their item list and lastly a few children worked on making delicious cakes and pies to sell. Ask your Cottontail which free time activity they choose.

Then we practiced our compass and directions, since the Cottontails were fairly familiar with the directions we challenged them to come games. Afterwards we used a list of directions which lead us to some treasure. Lots of good compass work and we will continue practicing! Ask your Cottontail what they did with their treasure and which compass game was their favorite.

We ended off the day with the Coyotes, they built new sleds to test out and they even made us some snow icecream.

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