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Cottontails, April 27

The Cottontails had a busy day that engaged their minds and bodies as we continued to follow up on our games requests playing Mammoth, Hunter, Mouse, and Capture the Flag. Players strategized with each other and worked through questions of fairness with how much you can try to trick the other team in Mammoth, Hunter, Mouse, or where you can hide the flag in Capture the flag.

We also watched our friends, the Coyotes, testing contraptions they'd built to protect eggs. Earlier in the day we had built a catapult between two trees using a piece of stretchy cord, so we invited to Coyotes to use it to launch their eggs. The Cottontails were inspired to try a similar challenge of their own soon!

During sit spot we drew out a "senses map" together in our journals and took some time to notice things we could see, hear, smell, and feel around us on the bluff. We'll continue to use this tool as we spread out and pick individual sit spots in the coming weeks.

Connecting questions:

- What was something you drew in your journal during sit spot? What is a sit spot?

- If you wanted to protect an egg what kind of device would you build? What did you learn from watching the Coyotes test their creations?

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