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Chickhatches, April 8

After a few games to burn some energy the Chickhatches built Robots. We have been hammering lots this month and this was another way to practice our tool work. There was lots of loose parts and creativity as every robot had its own personality. We also played with zip-lines, experimenting with different heights of rope, heavy objects and how the pulleys worked. Since it was a beautiful day and the birds were out the chickhatches took some bird seed and meal worms (thanks Theo!) and listened for all the sounds during their sit spot!

Ideas to continue at home:


Materials needed:

Wood blocks, screws, nails, washers, tacks, wire, beads, yarn, paper clips.

Hammers, screw driver, glue, saw.

Zip-line Ideas:

1. Using what you can find at home, what can you design that can carry a ping-pong ball/minifigure/pea down a zip line?

2. Slow it down or speed it up

3. Find a way to launch the ball when the carrier gets to the end of the zipline

4. Make it a chain reaction; can the carrier make something else happen when it encounters another element?

Sneaky game

One person sits with their eyes closed and an object behind (shoe, mitten, stuffy). The other family members try to sneak up one at a time and grab the item without the person with their eyes closed knowing. If the person with their eyes closed think they hear someone they point in the direction of the noise. If they are right then the other person goes back and its someone else's turn. Try different ground types as crunch leave are expert level!!

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