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Chickadees, Oct 6th

Play, songs and stories centred our class today. We adventured through a rope spiders web - stretching, balancing, crouching, jumping - and then decided that the ropes could be used for all sorts of made-up games. We are helping the children recognise when others want to be included in their games and how to know if someone is finished with a loose part and they can take their turn.

What a great time of year to explore colours in nature and build our observation skills. From many paint colour swatches the chickadees chose colours to find around them - yellows, orange, greens, browns of all different shades were easy to find in the forest. But blue, not so easy. For this we looked to the sky and our clothes. Why is blue not a common colour in nature? Later a story owl, who stayed awake all day to see what she had been missing, reminded us of the colours we had seen.

In the tool circle we introduced peeling and sawing potatoes building fine motor skills. There are many budding chefs assistants who were focused prepping potatoes and then creating potato soup and muffins in the kitchen. Ask them for help in your kitchen!

Connecting Questions:

Did you jump in the pool like a Green Speckled Frog?

Invite your child to peel vegetables with you and help prepare a meal!

What rules did you have for the ball rolling game? (Parker, Clay)

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