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Chickadees, May 25

What a warm sunny day on the bluff. On the way up the hill we tasked the chickadees with finding the Coyotes, the older kids from the Coyote class. The Chickadee's loved finding them and the Coyotes enjoyed hiding from them too . Up at our spot we read a story called Dandylion, and we enjoyed a snack . We went on a walk to see a zipline that the coyotes had created especially for the Chickadees. It was a bigger zipline than we've used before and some kids decided they would rather pick dandelions than have a go. On our way back to our main spot we collected some forest items looking for different colours in nature. There were lots of dandelions and a few sticks and rocks. Everyone liked free time, some of the boys had a fort and a base and were having fun. Everyone had a bedroom in the fort and they even had night time. Some of the girls made a home for stuffies. They had to make a warm house and collect food before winter. We did some painting sticks and tool circle as well. For our last activity we made dandelion tea and read a story. It was a great tea party!

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