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Chickadees, Apr 27

The Chickadees were explorers in class today helping our newest Chickadee, Michael, get to know our spot and how far they can roam independently. We were using the binoculars and magnifiers to notice things close up and far away. The gravel bank near our spot continues to attract the Chickadees, they can slide down and challenge themselves on the way back up. We have noticed since September they are now all capable of finding a way back up the hill either walking up on their own or pulling themselves up on a rope. There was a problem with the 1st rope we used - it was too short and didn't reach the bottom of the bank. What was the solution? Gus wanted another rope to tie on to make it longer. Good problem solving!

The Chickadees love stories and we love telling them! Our routine is to get to our spot and have a story and snack, a perfect combination. The stories may be linked to an activity we have planned for everyone or just for fun. We tell stories in the snow, rain, sunshine and wind to show the children that storytelling happens everywhere and anywhere.

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