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Chickadees, 22 June

What a beautiful day for the end of our time together! The coyotes class built us another amazing fort today . They were there when we came up the hill to show off their work and point out some of the cool features of the fort; a swing, a kitchen, and privacy screens made of leaves . The Chickadees liked it a lot and decided to read a story and eat our snacks inside the fort. Next, we did some hammering and painting; hammering nails into foam pads and painting sticks with bright colors. Ms. Megan had brought some special seed pods (jacaranda), leaves, and gumnuts from Australia which we used to create lizard creatures by gluing leaves and gumnuts onto the pods. We also played duck-duck-goose which is interesting because not everyone runs around the circle, haha! To end our class we were fortunate to share the fun of forest school with chickadees' families, showing them the zipline, seed planting, tools, painting and the fort. Thanks for a wonderful year, exploring the Bluff and learning and playing together!

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