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Burrowing Owls, Sept 7

What a great start to our time at Forest School. We played a name game and created nature names.

Finn Fern, Calvin Cheetah, Queralt Quail, Chloe Cat, Elliot Elephant, Max Marmot, Celine Crab, Dawn Dolphin.

We spent some time finding a "just right" circle spot, where we can gather to talk and share ideas and experiences. This spot might change in the future but for now an interesting shaped tree caught our attention and we started building a treehouse or possibly a jungle gym. It was undecided!

Through our time together and on the land we started to get to know each other. There was a lot of positivity about returning, what we can do next time, how the treehouse can be improved. It was an excellent beginning!

Themes Explored:

Getting to know each other and our surroundings.

Sense of smell and how it is important in nature.

Skills Embraced:

Learning about working safely in the tool circle for those new to this.

When building the treehouse: teamwork, communication, negotiation, physical awareness, knots/lashing.

Connection Questions:

What was your name and action in the name game? Do you remember anyone elses?

What did you think would happen at FS that didn't? What didn't you expect to happen, and did?

Were you building a treehouse or a jungle gym?

How might you add to the treehouse next week?

Why did you smell mystery scents?

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