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Burrowing Owls, Nov 23

What a wonderful morning with a great bunch of kids!

Elliot introduced our first game called Satellite, which got everybody moving. Being outdoors and with the equipment we had the game was different to how some had played it before. Everyone was flexible and spoke about what was working, or not and how it could work better. After this the game ran more smoothly. Next week Quinn's game is Dodgeball.

During free-time there was much interest in the flint and steels. Some of the Burrowing Owls have experience with them and others having not used this tool before were challenged yet persistent to create their first spark. Perhaps what was most difficult was figuring out what action and positioning was used to get the second spark and then a spark with every strike. There were many opinions and discussions on the best way to do this. For now using the flint and steel lets us get a start on fire lighting skills without producing flames. We will take this further when more snow has fallen.

Connecting Questions

- What did you like about the game, Satellite?

- What was the tarp challenge? How did you help the group complete it?

- Did you get frustrated trying to make sparks with the flint and steel?

- How did you feel being outside in the snow?

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