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Burrowing Owls, Nov 16

We launched the Burrowing Owls class today with a challenge! We have noticed that the BO's are settling in with each other and getting more comfortable with each other; these challenges show how the group communicates, and what styles we have to work with. Ask your Owl what the challenge was, and how they got the time of 5 seconds!

Our next challenge was fire: each group created a 'store' of fuel that we would need.

*Ask your Owl about the three sizes, and what they had to collect/create!*

It was hard to get the fire started, but we learned a lot about match lighting, tinder, and perseverance! Also, about what fire likes to eat!

There was a special treat to eat with the fire...ever had sugar with your toast?

The children chose to create a wrestling ring, making rules as they went, and to sled. We believe that rough-and-tumble play has a place in the lives of children, if they choose and if they feel safe. One of our rules is that you can't just jump on someone to begin a wrestling time; you have to ask, "Name, do you want to wrestle?"

*Ask your child what they made with grass during their Sit Spot!*

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