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Burrowing Owls, May 31

The Burrowing Owls had a blast today learning to canoe! After learning some basic strokes, the draw and the pry, the instructor set us loose to play games of pass, tag (by getting the ball into another team's boat), and stealing pool noodles from each other's boats (aka Foxtail on water!). We also enjoyed paddling the canal connected to the lagoon, passing goslings and napping ducks.

Canoeing together was great test of teamwork, patience, and strategy, as well as a good opportunity to think about physics. We considered the force the paddle exerts on the water and how that moves the boat, as well as how the two paddler's strokes interact with each other. We practiced communicating with our partners and halfway through the day the instructor gave everyone the opportunity switch places so each paddler could get a chance to try on the different roles in the boat: the paddler in the front acts like the engine, providing the power, while the paddler in the back steers, acting like the captain by controlling the direction.

Connecting questions:

- Did you prefer sitting in the front or the back of the canoe?

- How did it go working with your partner?

-Do you remember the name of any of the parts of the canoe or some of the paddle strokes you learned?

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