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Burrowing Owls, May 26

Each class is finding their own passions during these weeks of smaller classes.

Ms. Megan's group is exploring public art (why we do it and how we do it), making paint, finding natural materials and looking for porcupines! Davin and Luca loved making the paint and charcoal ink, and became quite the potion masters with the materials they found on their walk. Lucy and Sukey were extremely creative in how they arranged and chose their public art pieces. All of them loved shelter building and obstacle courses!

With Ms. Lea, the group is dedicated to bow drills and making smoke together, playing games, and 'becoming the magpie' (learning about bird beak adaptations). Sully's bow drill became very hot, and we could smell smoke, thanks to his perserverence. Kayley and Kai have their bow drill kit ready to try next week! Frederick and Finn kept patrolling the perimeter to keep the space safe from intruders, and helped us play an energetic game of jackpot.

This next week, we will be back all together, and will be able to teach each other what we have learned in our times apart!

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