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Burrowing Owls, May 12

Our two groups started off with similar activities planned, but with a lot of room for their own choices and project directions. Here is what their creative minds came up with!

Ms. Megan's group loved the painting making. Lucy suggested ways to make more colours, showing us how to make dandelion yellow and leaf (especially dandelion leaf as they work best) green. Davin drew a pig catching a football on a windy day under a tree in the sunshine. Lucy painted grass on earth with clouds and rain. It was a thematic piece given we made it “rain” for Lucy who had hoped it would rain last week. Both Davin and Lucy made beautiful wood cookie art pieces to start a public artwork on the Bluff. Ms. Megan ran an obstacle course; testing our balancing, carrying, throwing and running skills at speed. They also played Nutty Squirrel; partnering up to use only sound cues to lead our blindfolded partner to the hidden “nuts”. They played an eye spy scavenger hunt game, finding eight out-of-place objects in plain sight in a natural environment (its harder than it sounds). The making of edible natural paints was so much fun as an activity everyone wants to continue exploring. They plan to come up with new ways to make paints and new colour dyes to try. They have grand plans for their public artworks, adding natural artwork to the bluff space as a way to encourage and connected with our 'neighbours' who share the park with us!

Ms. Lea's group also made charcoal paint, but instead focussed their artwork on war paint and weapon decoration. After a few games, the group made swords and spears in the tool circle, working on their saw skills and group design. Finally, the group had found their focus; magpies! They wanted to hunt magpies. As I wasn't really worried about the magpies, we walked the park, stalking any magpies we could find. They were extremely elusive, however, we heard a grasshopper in the grass, and then many! We caught a grasshopper instead, following the sound of them 'hopping' in order to catch them. When one was caught, there was a discussion about killing it for magpie bait. When push came to shove, only one person was willing to kill the grasshopper. While I thought this was because of moral reasons, with further probing I discovered it was because they just thought it was gross. More on this dilemma next week!

Both groups would like to try to make bow drills, and continue on with their projects. That is the joy of smaller groups!

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