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Burrowing Owls, March 24

Themes Explored:

-cardinal directions


-different expectations for different spaces (walking to and from Prince's Island Park and being model children, keeping the 'wild inside'!)

-making group decisions

-discovering our personalities

Skills Embraced:

-reading a map to find specific items on a map (as small as a pinecone!)

-the compass directions through 'compass drawing' - ask your child for a demonstration!

-Capture the Flag; following rules, being OK with not winning, group strategy

Connection Questions: We are learning about our personalities through the True Colours forum; orange, green, blue or gold. Ask your child what words described them the most, and what colour. We will dig into these ideas more (that we are also not all one colour/type) and how that affects our team. We enjoyed the orienteering, but now want a bigger challenge; we hope to go to another park where we can follow a map of a place we're not familiar with to start with! You can ask your child what was easy about the course and what was the hardest part!

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