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Burrowing Owls, Feb 3

I have to say, today seemed kind of magical. In the first 30 min of class, we tracked a coyote we had seen running into the bluff, and found him/her lying in the snow, taking a break. We watched for signs of us being a bother to the coyote, and he/she seemed quite content to have us there. This encounter raised a lot of questions for us; how to tell if it's a boy or girl? Are they nocturnal? Do they usually live in groups? Why did they chose this spot? Why isn't he/she bothered by us? Can we come and see this coyote again?

We then kept at our survivor challenge, completing a map challenge, an obstacle course, Yeti Ball, and fear factor. Next week, we get to reap the rewards of a 'homecoming' meal prepared by the winning team, TBA!

Of course, the environment is the third teacher; the snow and the ice under the snow created many opportunities for free exploring as a group, where everyone had a role they could play and enjoy.

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