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Fostering the Natural Curiosity of Children

Registration for September will now begin April 1 for new families.  Currently registered families can register as of March 15. 

Class lists will be posted by March 1. 


Preschool - Kindergarten

Exploration and Resilience


Kindergarten - Grade 3

Knowledge and Experience


Grades 4 - 6

Skills and Team Growth

About Forest School

Curiosity and Risk

At Upstream Forest School, we are connecting to nature and experiencing the outdoors with our full selves; physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.  Through curiosity, discovery and saying yes a lot, a curriculum emerges that the children explore to their hearts content.  Through tool use, calculated risk, core routines, and freely chosen play the children become alive and unhindered in the environment.   We have a strong belief that the child is capable, and that is translated into how they are treated and observed.  Some of the core routines we develop over time are Story Telling, Sit Spots (quiet time in nature), Empathy, Field Guides, and more!  



What’s Being Said

There is the freedom to be creative and guide her own learning. She thrives in this environment.


I can tell how well you get to know the children and how much you cherish their differences. 


I’ve never seen this before in the other forest school activities we’ve participated in. The blog has beautiful photos, and it's nice to see the activities without physically being there.


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