Winter holiday fun!

Your child was given a paper bag package this week!  If they didn't receive it, they are on the porch of the Cabin (661 3 Ave NW) for you to pick up any time!  Here are the instructions for the maple syrup candy:

STEP 1: Stir and boil the maple syrup (it has to be real maple syrup, which this is) until your candy thermometer reaches 220-230 degrees, or until very hot


STEP 2: Carefully spoon your hot maple syrup onto the snow. The maple syrup will harden quickly. You can remove the pieces and eat them like hard candy or you can wrap the candy pieces around the end of a stick. Enjoy!

For the science behind the candy, check out: 


Happy Holidays from your teachers at 

Upstream Forest School!

Winter Eye Spy!

There is an Eye Spy game waiting for you in our Forest School space!  You will find below a map showing the Squirrels, Rabbits and Owls the boundaries of where the items will be hidden.  The Chickadees items are in their class area boundaries, which they will know. 


Also below is a list of items to find in those area.  They are listed in three levels, levels 1-3.  The Level 3 items are hidden where the Owls have always played the Eye Spy game; they know where that is!  For the rest of us, if you want to try Level 3, there are flags outlining the general space and it is marked on the map.  For the Chickadees, they have 15 flags (strips of cloth) hidden in their class area to find. 

Every Winter Solstice we have had a family gathering where the children can show their families the Forest School space, and where we can play and have fun together as a community.  This year, we invite you to do the same, but in your family group.  This Eye Spy is how we thought we could make this still happen!  You can send your pictures and comments from your adventure and we will put them on the blog for the rest of the Forest School family to enjoy.  

The blue lines on the map are the 'people paths'; a gravel one that curves uphill, and a paved path that heads down hill. The two wooden fence landmarks on are the map, as are some of the round metal grates and pipes. A mountain ash tree is pictured as the far 'eastern' boundary (some might know it as the berry tree) and some of the child-made structures are placed on the map as a reference.  The red string is the boundary of the game.  Thanks for leaving everything where you found it! Good luck!

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