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Wednesday, May 20

Last week the morning class made mini ant hills, so this class we made an ant hill for us. Using the tarps we created different rooms and tunnels, a kitchen, tool room, egg room . Ask you Chickhatch which room they helped build! We then played games to keep warm and drank some tea under our tarp home.

The afternoon class had requested lots of time to work on their bead tree, we found a balance between siting focused on our projects and running around burning energy and staying warm. Some owls stayed beading while others adventured and created beautiful garlands of grass.

At home ideas

Ant home for us

Build a network of tunnels and rooms to represent an anthill, learning about and creating different rooms, try to use different senses to move around since ants have poor eye sight


We played charades which helped us practice our non verbal communication skills just like ants

Bead tree

Small gauge wire and beads, Wrap wire around a rock (that acts as the base) so it looks like roots, then bring the wire together to form the trunk and then have the individual strands part ways to make the branches (next week we will add the leaves) if you need a visual look at last weeks owls post.

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