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Thursday, May 14

Our new Owls 'flow' is as follows:

* games (we want to give them a taste of group sports/team activities, and keep them active!)

* group build (either an art or building activity, often both!)

* free exploring time

* Sit Spot (this month, it is beads and wire, creating a wire tree (pictured)

* debrief

This week, we only began with games, letting the children have a lot of free time to continue the activities they began last week. These include a fort hidden away, a zipline, carving and beadwork. There is never enough time for everything we want to do! Here are some at-home activities that relate to what we did today!

Pinkie: One person is "pinkie" (they wear a pink flag). The others are the 'finders'. Hide items to collect around your space (inside or out). The finders must find one of each item without getting tagged by pinkie. If they are tagged, they must give up one of their items. If all of the items are retrieved, they win. If pinkie keeps making them give up one, and no one gets all six, pinkie wins. In our game, we hid clipboards with a shape on them, and a piece of chalk. Each finder had a small chalkboard. When they found that shape, they wrote their shape on the boards. When tagged, they had to erase one shape. In order to win, they had to go back and get that shape again. Have fun!

Edibles: the Owls are enjoying finding food they can eat in the forest. They were surprised Creeping Bellflower was edible! Look up what bellflower is good for. How can one prepare it? Why is it called "invasive"? What else can we eat around here?

Ziplines: there is an interest in the zipline! Our problem is the sag in the rope; how can we get around this? What will take out the slack? Is it the rope? the angle? At home, you could make an indoor or backyard one for a stuffie or minifigure; if you have the rope, try a human one - it's harder than it looks! (we wrap our trees with carpet padding to protect them from the rope).

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